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The company

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When I was I child, my favorite hobby was to imagine I was a mad scientist. I used to play inventing connected, linked things that were able to make decisions by themselves, things that could change the world. Today, I believe that Velki, in its own way, changes the world. We don’t have to find the cure for diseases to impact the reality around us. The ordinary things that affect the day by day of simple people also do that. Through Velki, since 2006, I was able to make my childhood dream come true, and solve real world problems with my “small inventions”. In a condensed milk factory, for example, my temperature sensor helps the operator make decisions right away to prevent milk from turning into fudge. If it happens, some pipes can clog and a lot of product can be wasted. In some places, this kind of problem happens for 15, 20 years. A problem that we can fix in just a few hours. This is our purpose with Velki.

Besides that, my job allows me to meet a wide range of companies and deeply understand how our clients make their products. Every visit to our clients is a new learning opportunity. Being so close to our customers helps us understand what does and does not work in our own business.

Only people who use Velki products, in real situations, can provide us information to help our engineers improve what we sell. With their feedback, we study new possibilities and deliver an even better product that can ease our client’s life even more.

Velki company

Our mission is to make life easier for our customers. It may sound cliché, but most companies don’t respect this statement, often written in “Vision & Mission” boards. At Velki, the service has to be excellent in any circumstance, even when the client makes a mistake – and knows that. Many times I get customers feedback saying “I visited your website and was promptly assisted in a customized manner. Then I requested a quote, bought the products and they were delivered so fast!”. This kind of feedback highlights the essence of Velki: solve our clients’ problems.

Nowadays, will and effort are not enough. You have to listen to your customer, show empathy and promote simple initiatives that make us stand out. That’s the only way we will achieve excellence as a company.

Daniel Eller - Founder and CEO

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